Let the DBM, NSO explain PML

By Janice Hidalgo

General Manager


CALASIAO-The Pangasinan Mayor’s League (PML)  submitted a resolution asking the Department of Budget and  Management (DBM) and the National statistics Office (NSO) for a clear explanation on the decrease of the Internal Revenue Allotment(IRA) in the special meeting held at Dagupena Restaurant Wednesday morning.


Attended by 28 Mayors of the province of Pangasinan Mayor Ramon Guico chairman of the League of Municipalities consulted the Mayors with the said issues.


Guico in an interview admitted that most of the mayors who have attended the meeting were caught an aware of the decreased in the Internal revenue Allotment since it will only take effect this month of July.


Almost all of the Municipalities have received an increased of 13 to 15 percent during the first quarter of the year but when the official census was released last April 16,2007where the National Statistics Office ( NSO) recorded a decreased in the population the Department of Budget and Management has to lower the released in the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) as one of the basis for the equal distribution of the IRA


Guico, also explained that the decreased in the population can be attributed to the fact that when the survey was conducted the household did not consider anymore the members of that household who were no longer staying in that area basically because some of them were studying in the cities where this household members were counted in favor of the cities.


The mayor’s have agreed to call a meeting with the National Statistics Office (NSO) particularly the local census and the Department of Budget and Management in order to investigate the discrepancies.


Meanwhile, Mayor Mojamito Libunao of Sn Fabian also the Secretary General of the League posted a query for the DBM for them to answer as to where would the deducted fund be going if it will be discover that there is a discrepancies in the census as basis of the Department of Budget and Management for the decreased in the Internal Revenue Allotment.








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