Rosario: I Resign!

I resign…Rosario

By Janice Hidalgo

General Manager


CALASIAO-Mayor Sammy Rosario of Binmaley rendered his irrevocable resignation  as the Pangainan Mayor’s league Press Relation Officer during the special meeting of the League at Dagupena Restaurant Thursday morning


 Rosario read his letter before the 28 mayors present at the special meeting, asking for forgiveness to the league for bringing its name in vain.

 Rosario submitted his resignation as public relations officer of the Pangasinan Mayors’ League after being bitterly criticized by some of its members but the group did not accept it.

Rosario added that despite his live appearance over local TV station explaining his side that he has never undermined Governor Amado T.Espino Jr.and that he has always support his programs, there were few members of the press who tainted his clear intentions that almost brought havoc in the relationship of Sammy and the league and Espino.

 Despite my appearance over Balitang Amianan may mga makulit gusto pa kaming pagsabungin ni Gov. so to put an end to all this Mr.chairman I am now resigning as the PRO of PML.

 Rosario explained that he has called some of the towns mayor of Pangasinan to discuss the substandard construction of the some of the contractors sent by the Department of Education, and that it was just a plain bonding moment no more no lesss.

 Meanwhile, Mayor Ramon Guico  Jr.National President of the league of Municipalities said that the issue was already resolved and that the league cannot accept the resignation of Rosario since they understand Rosario’s position.Mayor Reynaldo Velasco being the executive vice chairman of Pangasinan league of municipalities assured that as comrade they had not thought that a colleague like Rosario would undermined the league.

Guico said he is now setting a meeting between the mayors and the governor to seal the conciliation and mark a fresh start among the province’s politicians.











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