Capitol town bids Capital City



By Janice Hidalgo

General Manager


Lingayen- The local Government of this town bids to become Pangasinan’s capitol city.

It will be recalled that it was in the year 2006 when Rep.Amado T. Espino Jr. now Governor of Pangasinan, has echoed in sponsoring the city charter in congress.


Today, as Governor Amado T. Espino pushes for making the province a place to live and invest by investing in a massive development program of the provincial capitol as a tourist site the local government of this town has been pushing for a united effort in marketing this town as the next potential city and Pangasinan’s capitol town.


 Mayor Ernesto Castaneda Jr. came to power in 1992 as a mayor where Lingayen was a 4th class municipality.


From 2000 up to 2006 Lingayen was able to established a consistent growth which led to this town attain its status as a first class Municipality and now one of Northern Luzon’s highly urbanized town.



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