ATE’s Big Bold steps not enough….Bince



Bince in an Interview by Pangasinan Today

Bince in an Interview by Pangasinan Today


By Janice Hidalgo

General Manager

 LINGAYEN- A preventive measure and not incentives or reaction is what the provincial Government should do regarding this extra judicial killings and making the Politicians endangered species in the province of Pangasinan.Provincial Board Member Atty. Alfonso Bince in his privileged speech last Monday has post a challenged for Governor Amado T. Espino Jr.and has tainted his being a former medaled Military official for not able to established this preventive measures in the rising number of political killings in the province.Bince made it clear that though this killings did not happen during Espino’s term they should have at least disbanded this Guns for hire.

Bince have also stressed in clarification that he has admire the physical transformation made by governor Espino in the provincial capitol.

 In addition to this Bince has also challenged the Provincial PNP Director Isagani Nerez to resign if he will not be able to solve this cases before the year ends.


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