Domantay a Cheater not Once but Four times … OBL

MALASIQUI-Several anomalies were discovered by Pangasinan today as the consumers members elect for the Board of Directors for this town yesterday as thousands of members consumers claimed that CenPelco ( Central Pangasinan Electric Cooperative ) has connived with those who have allegedly manipulated the election.


While third district Representative Rachelle Arenas arrived in Malasiqui Central School to cast her vote, a number of consumer members has reported to their solon several alleged anomalies, since they felt helpless when the Cenpelco verifier has denied them from casting their votes.


For several reasons: members/consumers have not been listed in the masters lists and are not qualified to votes.

The Cenpelco representatives claimed that members / consumers have waived their rights to become members and qualify them to vote when they did not voluntarily question or check there names to the list of names of those who are consider members when Cenpelco published this names in the Cenpelco office, and public plaza days before election up to date of election.

Other members have also claimed that deceased members were allowed to vote while others are not..


While at the middle of consultation former Pangasinan Vice Governor and this town’s former mayor have discovered that Mayor Armando Domantay has voted for his name not just once but four times in one precinct as the Cenpelco verifier admits to the public that the mayor told him to do so.

Members consumers have also questioned the presence of Mayor Armando Domantay in the area distributing something that has yet to be confirmed to those who have been showing billing statements or receipts to the Mayor.


Domantay has declined to be interviewed regarding the election proceeding at the moment.


Meanwhile, Pangasinan today went to the areas where CenPelco has claimed that they have made the several public postings of the names of members/consumers who can and cannot vote however the Cenpelco Security officer on the day of the election has confirmed that there has been no lists of members/consumers posted in there areas except a reminder that there will be an election for board of directors and names of qualified candidates for the election.


At the public plaza, police from the Malasiqui PNP has confirmed that there has been no posting of such in the area.


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