Bayambang gears for chief’s Reformed Management…

Mayor Ricardo M.Camacho with Pangasinantoday

Mayor Ricardo M.Camacho with Pangasinantoday


BAYAMBANG-Agri- commercial development programs and skills oriented technical assistance have been in its first step for local residence of the 77 barangays of this town.

Following the outlined vision  of having a peaceful and productive Municipality, Mayor Ricardo Camacho has outlined to Pangasinantoday relevant programs of his administration that pushes for economic development that would help in marketing this town in becoming Pangasinan’s Agri-Commercial Municipality which aims to improve lives of its local residents.

Camacho has prioritized ecological waste management in anticipating environmental concerns in establishing this towns highly commercial areas.

Camacho added that apart from this, his administration has focused on developing infrastructure programs in line with agricultural developments where 75% of its residents depends mainly on farming.

Today, farmers depend only on a once a year harvest from their crops due to undeveloped farming facilities absence of adequate irrigation systems.

Nevertheless Camacho admitted to PangasinanToday, that there are more things to be done in order to achieved its vision.

For now he has started to reformed financial management  in terms of  proper taxation in order to augment this towns program with funds.

Mayor Camacho assured the public  and its stakeholders of a responsive,participative and accountable leadership.


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