NPC – LAKAS – CMD Merger seen in 2010

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Dagupan City- No less than Pangasinan Nationalist’s People’s Coalition and Urdaneta City Mayor Amadito Perez Jr.told PangasinanToday  that NPC welcomes the possibility of NPC- LAKAS-CMD merging in 2010.

“However, I will have to leave that matter to the higher officials of NPC but as the local scenario in  our province shows that NPC and LAKAS remains to be the dominantpolitical forces in Pangasinan there could always be a possibility of that merger but still this things remains to be speculations”. Perez said.

6th District Representative Conrado Estrella III, In an exclusive interview of the Pangasinan Today said that Nationalists People’s Coalition NPC can be a unifying factor of almost all active political affiliations in the province they also welcome  possible merging. He said, “If this is what it takes to bring the government closer to the people, so be it ”.

“We have many allies from LAKAS-CMD and KAMPI and it might likely be a merger of strong Political parties comes 2010, and if we will check very closely most of our political leaders belonging to NPC  not just in pangasinan has a member of family whose political affiliations is with LAKAS or KAMPI”.

Estrella said that it may seem premature at the moment but this possibilities will be heading its way comes 2010 and most likely a strong consensus among local leaders will happen which will determine as to who should be who.

Ako naman ay naghihintay lang Estrella added.

Meanwhile, LAKAS – CMD member and Pangasinan 3rd District lady solon Rachel Arenas was in Zurich attending the world economic forum with PGMA making it impossible for her to comment on the issue

Moreover , KAMPI representative Luis Villafuerte in a radio interview said that despite the call of  President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo chairman of LAKAS-CMD to reach out possible merging of LAKAS –CMD and KAMPI in 2010 local scenarios doesn’t seem to be on the same tract.


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