I did not sign the cheque, voucher…Resuello



DAGUPAN CITY-San Carlos City Mayor Julier Resuello told newsmen that there is no truth on speculations that Lenny Fermin has already returned the alleged held-up money amounting to 9 Million during the Engkwentro sa Lennox.

Resuello clarified that he did not signed any voucher or bank check related to that matter.

“Hindi pa naibabalik sa kaban ng bayan ang pera na yan taliwas sa mga naipapabalita sapagkat sa parehong araw na ito ay winidraw ay tapos na ang pagpapasweldo sa mga empleyado ng aking ciudad “Resuello added.

“Ako ay natatawa at nababahala sapagkat lumalabas sa mga batikos sa akin na baka may kinalaman ako dyan dahil nga sa sinasabi nila na alam ni mayor ang withdrawal na yan una sa lahat ay wala akong pinirmahang ganyang voucher at tseke na sinasabi nilang payments for salaries and city obligation at ni hindi ko pa nakikita ang voucher na yan”.

“I now leave the investigation to the authorities regarding the possibility of having my signatures forged because this is a very serious matter”.

The Mayor said that although a fact finding committee has started its probe on the matter the local government has sought the help of the National Bureau of Investigation who have considered this case a high profile one in order to solve this the soonest possible.

Atty.Rogelio Mamawag head of the NBI Dagupan said that all angles will be thoroughly investigated as they have started with the processing of the release of subpoena to all the concerned personalities which includes the city treasurer Arturo Mandapat, Lenny Fermin who was assigned as the city disbursing officer, the land bank personnel and even the City Mayor will have his own time.

Meanwhile, Atty.Dave Alunan of the National Bureau of Investigation NBI has also confirmed that Lenny Fermin has not signed any statements before the bureau  because he has attempted committing suicide and was confined a private hospital in San Carlos City .

Earlier reports stated that Fermin has filed a police blotter last May 18, 2009 after he was allegedly held-up last March 31 of the same year.

In his blotter Fermin said that he was held up inside the Land Bank San Carlos City branch right after he withdraws the Nine million Pesos intended for the salaries of the city government.

And was not able to report the matter to the local police because he was threatened by the perpetrators that his family will be harmed the moment he reports the matter to the authorities.

At present, the National Bureau of Investigation has considered fermin as substantial material in solving this case.


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