justice not equally served…Cruz

By Danlor Hidalgo

DAGUPAN CITY-Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar V Cruz was saddened that crimes in different forms proliferate in the province he now calls home.

Cruz said that he has been in Pagasinan in the early 1990 and he felt sorry that despite the many changes in it comes the fact that all sort of illegalities and crimes of all sorts, including the organized crimes and what is so sad about it is that justice has not been served equally.

“Noon grabe na ang mga crimen ka pag nadukutan ka sa palenke, ngayon pag di ka nadudukutan parang di ka in” he said laughingly.

During these times despite the 1990 earth quake there reported petty crimes but there were no killings, no organized crimes,  no fetus were found in the garbage.

I think the people have totally lost the personal frame of moral fiber”.

Masyado na ang pag samba ng tao sa pera, marami na ang hayok sa laman at palalo.

The province now has a lot of crimes that we should focus clearly in order to justify that this is a place to live and invest, because if this crimes can happen with out fear and can be done to influential people how much more to the local citizens

But we should not give up hope as long as there are few men who could contribute goodness to the community I think there is still a way.


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