Manaoag chief of police fired?

casupang mag

By Janice Hidalgo

LINGAYEN – Manaoag Police Superintendent Mateo Casupang’s transfer has nothing to do with the petition of some eight members of the provincial board led by 4th district BM Jeremy Agerico Rosario who earlier sought Casupang’s relief.

Pangasinan Provincial Police Director Percival Barba told PangasinanToday that Casupang will be transferred as a Deputy Chief of the Regional Operations and Plans Division base in Ilocos Regional Police office in San Fernando City, La Union.

Barba added that  he’s new assignment is in compliance with the directive from the Philippine National Police national headquarters stating that police officers who had served as chief-of-police for six cumulative years could no longer be assigned to such position.

Under the current PNP policy, to be assigned at a Type A municipality is a police superintendent, chief inspector for Type B, and senior inspector for Type C.

Manaoag, according to Barba, is a Type B municipality under the PNP classification, thus Casupang is over ranked for the town.

Since the implementation of the policy, there had been a number of police superintendents who were recalled from their assignments and assigned either at the Police Provincial Office or Police Regional Office. Some over ranked police officers were also reassigned to other police stations that corresponds their present rank.

Barba said their letter to Mayor Napoleon Sales informing him of Casupang’s transfer was sent long before the situation the police officer found himself into.

Casupang earned the ire of Rosario after the former allegedly refused to accept the proposed donation of the board member for a police outpost.

Allegedly, Casupang said he has no where to place the police community precinct (outpost).

Rosario and seven other board members signed a letter dated May 4, 2009 addressed to Barba requesting for the transfer of Casupang to another station.

Mayor Sales defended his chief-of-police, saying Casupang was the original proponent of such project (police community precinct) first quarter of 2008.

Sales mediate to reconcile Casupang and Rosario after He and nine municipal councilors wrote Barba for the retention of Casupang.

Rosario however declined to withdraw he’s petition against Casupang and would just let the PNP to go on with the investigation.


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