Perez to run for congress

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SAN MANUEL-Mayor Salvador Perez belies rumors saying that he has back out and has totally lost his interest in joining the congressional race comes 2010.

“There is no truth that I have already back-out from my intention in running as a congressman in the next election,I have already decidedand that I have already publicly expressed my intention”. Perez said.

Perez believes that this is just one political tactics against him in order to discredit him and attack on he’s personality

“Perez’s are a man of his word and if I ever back-out, I am only ruining the political career of my son”. Perez Added

Perez explained that this will be the first time that someone from the town of San Manuel will be interested or would have the guts to join this race,

He said that his tract record in public service as the Mayor of this town and his battle cry to fight for the increase in the salaries of all public school teachers that would make all teachers in the cities and far-flung barangays equal could help him in his quest.

“Maaring maraming pera ang makakalaban ko pero pero sa tingin ko plata porma at sniceridad ang hinahanap  ng mga tao.”

“Like what Rep. Conrado Estrella III did here he did not forsake the mayors and have supported the programs of the local government, and it’s not money that is concern but the unity.”

At present folks in this town who are now residing abroad have strongly support the quest of Perez administration landmarks were built like the Dona Carmen Park and renovation of the public auditorium.

The Don Laureano Memorial Hospital that was established under the leadership of Perez has gained support from those who are now in abroad.

Perez is bound to go to US after he was being invited by several Associations who have expressed support in his endeavour.


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