SCCP to safeguard cash flow disbursement



San Carlos City-The local government of San Carlos City is now planning to implement special measures that would safe guard Cash flow and cash disbursements in order to protect the coffer of the city.

In a radio interview Mayor Julier Resuello said that whenever the city government has to withdraw cash from its depository bank the city government would used the secured withdrawal system which will make used of the armored van that will be provided by the security service of the Bank.

Resuello admitted that the city government would have to scrutinized the documents that has something to do with cash transactions including cash disbursements of both petty cash and huge amount of money

If it would require some arrangements between the bank and signatories of cheques for double check up purposes then we will do kit. This is aside from the documents purse which most banks require.

The Mayor admitted that this is another setback   in his leadership but just the same the truth will prevail and believes that this will only proved that despite serious injuries for the local government under his term a democratic bureaucratic exist in the city that is just but equal to being just.

It will be recalled that the city government has lost Nine Million Pesos as reported by the city disbursing officer Leny Fermin in an alleged hold-up incident last March 31 and was only reported on the 18th of May this year and is now being investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation


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