Rosario outlines environmental concerns

Rosario has named his three major coastal clean up programs he is bent to pursue to ensure proper coastal management to be implemented within the year.

Rosario, in a recent interview told Pangasinan Today that this town among other coastal municipalities in the province if not alone has been stiff in the implementation of the total ban of the operation of fish pen.

This is why I vehemently deny the malicious and in accurate news report that was aired over a local TV station.

“Nagulat ako ng minsan na mapanood ko sa Balita ng dito sa atin na marami daw fish pen ditto dahil walang Fish pen dito” Rosario Said.

“I was shocked when a local TV station aid in its report that there are a lot of fish-pen in my area because there is not even one here.” Rosario Added.

But I cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of visible bamboo structures left along our rivers when the fishpen operators stopped their operation few years back he said.

“During my first 100 days in office I was able to convince the fish-pen operators to voluntarily removed their nets that eventually became very much accepted now since they have realized that this is for a good causealthough it seem to be a political suicide on my part.”Rosario said that his Municipal Planning and Development Officer MPDO, and the Department of interior and Local Government is now in its way to study the implementation of different coastal management programs which includes the coming up of the basic things needed like.

The navigational map designed to follow a specific route for banca or motorboat in order to make sure that the natural fishing habitat will not be disturb,  the river clearing operation which will totally clean the structures along the river and the preparation of municipal fishing zone.

I also wish that the School of fisheries will be open soon because having those facilities will surely benefit the residence of this municipalities especially those who belong to the marginal fishermen.


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