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By Janice Hidalgo

Calasiao Pangasinan-Six famous Dagupan restaurants were padlocked by the BIR despite heavy rains Friday morning.

BIR commissioner Sixto Esquivias IV accompanied by four Deputy Commissioners, Director of RRI Thomas Rosales and Calasiao district officer Joseph Catapia served the temporary closure order to the establishments.

Esquivas and Catapia served the first temporary closure order at one of PGMA’s favorite restaurant the Matutina’s restaurant annex 1 & 2 followed by Nena’s garden restaurant both are situated at Bonuan Blue beach, Silverio’s restaurant situated at the famous Dawel was not spared and was also ordered padlocked.

A streamer informing the public that the said establishments will be temporarily closed along with other signage for violating sec 15 of the 1997 Philippine Tax code.

Esquivias told Pangasinan Today that this is one way of exactly telling the non-compliant tax payers that the BIR means business and that this Oplan Kandado being the latest scheme to impose the prescribed administrative sanctions to the violators.

“ These establishments that we are temporarily closing today are just among the few that were initially found to have blatantly violated existing revenue laws where after the BIR region I and their respected RDO’s ordered necessary investigation and surveillance and immediately send notification and yet refuse to comply with the prescribed requirements.”

This was only the first operation of its kind in Pangasinan but it served warning to other tax cheats that they will suffer the same fate sooner or later if they will continue with their illegal business practice.

Esquivias added that “Oplan Kandado” is a BIR strategy of compelling businessmen to pay the right amount of taxes to the government by shutting down their establishments summarily if they are found to be really cheating in their tax payments. All these restaurants specialize in seafood cuisine, including the tasty charcoal-cooked Dagupan bangus, and are favorite dining places of top government officials, including rich and influential people, visitors and tourists.

exclusive grounds for the suspension or temporary closure of the business, among others are as follows: Failure to issue receipts or invoices of VAT-registered or registrable taxpayer; the failure to file a VAT return; understatment of taxable sales or receipts by 30% or more, and the failure to register.

He said that even if the establishment have comply with the requirements the establishments will have to be close for at least five days.

The bureau is now experiencing shortfall in collection because of the economic slowdown “but if there are tax payers who are honest in paying tax it is only but proper to give sanctions to those who will not comply with the law” he explained

A separate team proceeded to Urdaneta city to impose closure order for another branch of Matutina’s restaurant located at the National highway while another team went to Binmaley to padlocked a newly opened branch of Silverio’s restaurant.

Oplan Kandado is a flagship program of commissioner Esquivias which started this January this year and is expected to boost revenue collections and improve voluntary compliance, enhance tax awareness and prevent further commission of tax violations or tax evasion.


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