BIR to padlock more violators

    IMG_0255By Janice Hidalgo

    DAGUPAN CITY — Revenue District 4 Officer Joseph Catapia has warned taxpayers who are cheating on the government that after the recent temporary closure of six restaurants in Pangasinan, there is more to come.

    At the Engkwentro weekly forum of the Pangasinan Press and Radio Club, Catapia said there are six revenue district offices in Region 1 (including revenue district 4).

    All of which are strictly monitoring the different business establishments in the region in lieu of the implementation of Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) Oplan Kandado.

    He said approximately 60 business establishments all over the country has been padlocked since the launching of the Oplan Kandado. The very first to be padlocked was a taxpayer in Magalang, Pampanga.

    Those padlocked establishment were given a certain period to settle their tax obligation, otherwise, it will be padlocked permanently.

    Catapia explained the prelude to Oplan Kandado operation is the Oplan Silip campaign.

    It is being conducted on business establishments who are using the “point of sales machine,” otherwise known as cash register machine. These include, among others, department stores, groceries.

    “We require them to submit their accumulated sales for

    the day, as well as, the cumulative sales from the start of a certain period up to the time Operation Silip,” he remarked.“If it can be found out later that such taxpayer under declares his sales volume by 30 percent or more, then we have to implement the Oplan

    Kandado. Except if the taxpayer (before the notice of closure, will be approved by the BIR Commissioner) will settle immediately whatever tax liabilities the taxpayer has to the government, the business establishment will be padlocked,” he added.
    Meanwhile, Catapia admitted that death threats and danger has become part of their lives.
    “That’s part of our work. Even in my past assignment even when I was with the tax fraud division of the national office…we received plenty of death threats,” he stated.
    Catapia gave this appeal to the taxpayers: “If we affected someone there in line with doing with our job, hopefully they would understand that we are only doing our jobs according to our mandate in the BIR.”


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