Parayno clarifies objection on landfill

By Janice Hidalgo

URDANTEA CITY-Vice Mayor Julio Parayno clarifies that he is never against the putting up of a sanitary landfill in the city.

Parayno made the clarification after members of the media went to get his side when he withdrew his support to a resolution approving the building of an engineered landfill during its regular session last Monday.

Only a fool will go against what the law mandates us, what I am against for is the railroading and fast tracking of my colleagues to enable the city to enter into a new loan with out the necessary feasibility study where we can base our need to barrow a specific amount. Parayno explains.

I vehemently disagree on the grounds that they might accused me of politicking but as a representative of the people I feel that the people needs adequate time to be properly informed of what we are up to.

The timing seems to look like they are cooking something I do not like the sound and I do not like to accuse my colleagues of anything beyond explanation he said.

Parayno said that he could never go against the plan of the city government when it is always for the good of the people and that he has never go against the Mayor’s plan of improving the life and the status of the city.

The Sanguniang Panlusod session last Monday failed to get the supposed 100 percent appr to insist that an amendment be inserted that will also authorized the city mayor to explore into a loan to any financial institution where Parayno quickly withdrew his approval and questioned the procedure.

Parayno during the session said that the absence of any feasibility study as gauge on how much will the city needs and the lack of a perspective plan that will serve as assurance that they are heading top accomplishing another infrastructure project is already a violation to the rules and procedures for approving such.

The vice Mayor also challenged councilor Jenelyn Sison when the lady councilor insited that they have already been doing that.

I have never tolerated any passage of a resolution that did pass the right procedure Parayno exclaim.

Meanwhile a resolution approving the authorization to the Mayor to open a new loan amounting to more than 200 million pesos was approved during a special session that was conducted last Tuesday.


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