Urdaneta needs 200m for landfill

By Janice Hidalgo

URDANETA CITY-In an aim to beat the deadline for each government unit set by the National Waste Commission of the Department of environment and Natural resources to have its open dumpsite close the city government now awaits for the release of more than 200 million pesos in order to build its own sanitary landfill.

Mayor Amadito Perez Jr. told Pangasinan today that as of today the city is already having problems as to where would they dispose the usual 75-80 tons of garbage being collected to the five major garbage contributor of the city.

“Every day the city is collecting at least 80 tons of garbages from the barangays of Dilan-Paurido, Sison, Poblacion and San Vicente and in few more years their would be more than these and we could not wait until this problem would become worst” .Perez said

The Sanguniang Panlunsod last Tuesday has already approved the resolution giving an authority to the mayor to explore a loan of more or less 200 million pesos to augment the funding in building the sanitary landfill.

In a separate interview barangay kagawad Ismael Zabala of sitio Callegu told Pangasinan Today that residents in the area where the dumpsite was place were never been consulted and even up to this moment where they just hear the news that their area would again be the place where tons and tons of garbage will be dump in their area where a dialogue or consultation was not even done.

Marami na ang mga batang nag kakasakit dun at hind naman totoo na kakaunti ang mga residente doon ang voting population dun ay may humigit kumulang 900 na halos mga ama o ina lang ng tahanan ang mga yun kung bibilangin mo ang mga anak ng mga yun libo rin kami dun.

He added that residents in the locality has been more of a collateral because their lives are at risk and that they also understand that if a simple dialogue was not meet how much more of a feasibility study

Siguradong pera lang ang napag aralan ng mga yan at hindi ang paktual na sitwasyon. Zabala insisted.

Meanwhile Perez speaking before the members of the Pangasinan Press and Radio Club in StarPlaza belies adverse political publications that oppose the project. He said that the people in the area of barangay Catablan sitio Callegu where a controlled dumpsite has already been there for more than eight years now was able to tolerate the condition and that resident in the area were already earning from the dumpsite.

If they were able to tolerate this controlled open dump site how much more for an engineered landfill where it will be cleaner and acceptable for them than the usual and the residents are now earning at least 200 to 300 pesos a day from that garbage site. Perez explains.

The city will purchase a ten hectare land to place the engineered landfill right next to the existing dumpsite and cover the existing open dumpsite and later dig it for the organic plantation program purposes of the city.

Perez admitted that the local government was not able to do this during his early return as the mayor after serving as the 5th district congressman because the city has a lot of loans and that they made sure that this will all be paid according to schedule.

And that they have prioritized the building of anew public market where they have secured a loan amounting to 179 million pesos .

Perez was also proud when he announced that the city has more than 53 million pesos savings and assured the people of the city that the budget of the city will not be affected by this new loan.

He said that the fee that nearby towns will be paying the cioty will also serve as the source of payment for its monthly amortization.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources regional Director Buenaventura Rodrigo said that the city needs to act as soon as possible in order for the local officials
To avoid being criminally liable for not implementing the law set under the RA 9003 also known as the Waste Mangaement Act of the Philippines.


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