STA BARBARA – Mayor Reynaldo Velasco belied all the allegations and the statements of this town’s former mayor Carlito S.Zaplan against him when he was out of the country attending an official function and meeting with the folks of Sta. Barbara who are now residing abroad.

Velasco in a recent interview at his office branded Zaplan as unrealistic and untruthful to his statements and would like to earn the public’s attention by telling a lie in order to cover up his lack of performance during his incumbency and instead destroy the reputation of his administration by false accusations against him.

 He said Zaplan has nothing to enumerate as projects nor accomplishments during his nine years term and another three years term served by his wife   equivalent to 12 years of Zaplan ‘s administration compared to his accomplishments which enumerates numerous achievements in terms of infrastructure developments focused in education facilities and agricultural development in as short as two years.


“Sinungaling! You know yung  sinasabi nya  na mga eskwelahan we have here all the records since 2001,He has never had any school building project anong mga sinansabi nya (Lier ! all of schoolbuildings that he was mentioning )”


“Ang problema dito yung  unang una yung timing ng pagsasalita nya nasa Amerika ako saka bumabanat hindi naman kailangan dito ang grand standing (The problem here is the timing first I am in America then he hits back grand standing is not needed here)”


“What Sta.Barbara needs now is the truth because the people can actually see the truth and what is really going on and that the people know what is right.”Velasco said. 


Moreover Velasco explained that he went to America to invite his kabaleyans to come home and see the actual Sta. Barbara now.


“As a matter of fact marami na ang gustong mag donate at tumulong sa programa ng ating pamahalaan tulad ng Gawad kalinga at kung anu ano pa (there are so many who would like to donate and help the programs of the government like the Gawad kalinga and many more) but I told them to come first and see for themselves.”


Velasco added that he also did some explaining to the people he met in America since the attacks against him has reached them thru internet.


I told them this is the time to come home and see Sta. Barbara since the local government has also the pawil Sta Barbara program just the right time to see Sta. Barbara and consider investing and going home for good in times of retirement and start anew. He said


Furthermore, Velasco believed that the attacks against him are pure lies and the intention will never materialize.


The records will show that from 2001 and has not build any school buildings for the town of Sta. Barbara.


“Mahirap ang mga ginagawa nyang ganyan ataki ng ataki wala naming facts kaya niya ina ataki ang mga ginawa kong eskwelahan dahil mahigit dalawang taon lang 246 na classrooms na ang naipagawa ko the issue here is performance and they cannot counter that except for telling a lie.”

Velasco explained that this town has a minimal budget but because of proper financial management they were able to deliver the services at a minimal cost but quality results like the building of a classroom amounting to only 250,000 compared to the cost of classrooms built by DPWH and other agencies, donations of individuals and companies in building a lot of projects has been happening because of his transparent management and projects are being done according to its proper specifications.


Velasco however admits that the beautification of the public plaza amounting to six million pesos was an accomplishment of Zaplan’s administration and that the Maramba Bridge was a national government project.


Meanwhile in a webcast interview by this reporter Velasco said that there is no truth that he was being personal with Zaplan with regards to implementing general rules set for the people of this town.


“ Siya lang naman ang nagsasabi nyan Kung talagang pinepersonal natin yan bakit pinapayagan pa nating kumita ang kanyang sabungan ng eight Hundred Thousand  per year“.


Zaplan being a former mayor should also pay his taxes to the government, so the local government having no choice but to run after business establishments who are not paying their duties has to stop him from operating his Sabungan without paying taxes first. He said.


May utang pa nga na 69 thousand and sabungan nayan pero pinayagan na naming nung nag partial siya.”he said.


He added that he has also made an appeal to the management of San Miguel Corporation to set rules regarding the falling in line of truck drivers of the products distributors since he found out that some trucks owned by Zaplan does not follow falling in line rules.


Velasco has also asked the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to put a stop on the alleged illegal quarrying of Zaplan in the river banks of the said town.


“Anu ba ang gusto nya dyan pabayaan naming siyang kumita habang binabaha ang mga taga rito dahil sa paghuhukay nya sa tabi ng ilog e paaano naman ang perang ginagastos ng gobyerno sa pag aayos niyan.”


We have also help in the filing of case against him in the Ombudsman regarding the Built Operate System scheme in the public market since the local government of this town has been paying 30 million pesos worth of loan for the construction of that market built during Zaplan’s term.


Velasco added that the collections collected from this public market under Zaplan’s term  was not properly accounted for and that the people has the right to know since the people is the one paying for this loan.


“it does not mean that he can always get away with,it  is just right that I have fought for the right of the people in this town  to be informed legally of what is happening if he proves himself not guilty well and good but what if he does not?”


“As what I have sworn I will always protect the interest of this town and that is not personal”


I have never also ordered my men to removed his construction equipments nor told him that I will burn them down if I see them in any construction being done here in my town that it is not my doing as a retired gentlemen in uniform I cannot do that perhaps that’s what he does during his term .


Ang Problema ni former Mayor Zaplan ipinapasa nya sa akin ang mga Gawain niya  e trebaho nya  yan gaya ng sinansabi niya na 55 classrooms sa barangay nya sa Maninding may anim pa diyan na Marcos type na classrooms hindi naman naming ginagalaw yan”


Ang laking kasinungalingan din ang sinansabi niya na pinakuha ko sa mga military men ang mga materyales na inuwi nya nung pinagawa ang Daniel Maramba High school siay ang Mayor nun e tapos kukunin lang sa kanya ng ganun ang mga yun? Napaka sinungaling naman wala kaming paki alam dun dahil siya nag contructor. He said.


Velasco stressed on the issue of the airport that he was just fighting for the Sta Barbara to be the gateway to the world and he never said that he will build an airport what He was doing up to now is to look for possible investors who will finance this program and told Zaplan to stop making noise about this since he has not done any effort to work for the realization of this goal out of his 12 years incumbency.


Velasco challenged Zaplan to elevate his point of arguments and told him to make noise possible if he is around and not abroad.

























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