Malangsi Fishtival Draws Huge crowd

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BAYAMBANG – About five Hundred Thousand people gathered in attendance altogether for this years’ celebration of the towns malangsi-fish festival.

Local Police authorities headed by  Sr/Supt Gerardo Roxas placed this estimate at the height of the celebration when the crowd joined in the merry making especially when the “kalutan ed dalan “ street grilling party took place.

Mayor Ricardo M. Camacho who led the kalutan party expressed his gratitude to the crowd

and said that this party is worth working for after long months of preparation.

He said More than the successful events and the large crowd the Malangsi Fishtival is a living testimony of a united Bayambang which compliments this year’s Pista’y Baley’s theme dubbed as “Unified Bayambang, Progressive Bayambaguenos.”

Performing live bands coming from local and Manila base performers made the evening more livelier with the rendition of original Pilipino songs and Pop-music.

A visiting Australian who heard the news about the festival came all the way from the town of San Fabian to witness personally the entire merriment of the festival

Married to a Filipina this Australian foreigner who was amazed by the festivity introduced himself as George Grem when interviewed by the local media.

He said that he had experienced the Bangus Festival in Dagupan City three years ago and was surprised that the malangsi festival has the same excitement and fun compared to the Bangus Festival of Dagupan City.

This Year’s Malangsi Fishtival which started on the 8th of April was highlighted by the Mutya Ng Liga Talent Night held at the Public Plaza.

76 beauties representing 76 out of the 77 barangays of this Municipality also drew a crowd of not less than Five Thousand viewers during the Pageant night  held at the public plaza last April 10.

Hundreds  of farmers parade their unique float on the morning of April 11 led by no less than Mayor Ricardo M.Camacho, the float parade has displayed all the farm produced of Bayambang from Onions to corn up to the finished product made out of the corn husk which is now being introduced by the LGU as their new livelihood products.

Former Bayambang chief of Police Sr./Supt.Noli Talino who is now the chief Directorate Staff of Region III said that the physical developments and economic growth of the town could be one of the reasons why every town’s folk is a proud Bayambagueno.

Congresswoman  Cynthia Villar of Marikina  who graced the occasion was also one of the invited guests during the feast.


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