LGU Bayambang to extend health and burial benefits for the elderly


a rmc seniors

By: Janice Hidalgo

Bayambang Pangasinan-Speaking before the 75 officers of the Federation of the Senior Citizens of the town during their Christmas party yesterday noon Mayor Ricardo Camacho had announced that aside from the usual Philhealth Cards given to their families sponsored by both the Local Government and the Provincial Government his administration will also provide a free coffin to those Senior Citizens who at the time of their death cannot afford to buy one

He said that his administration has been focus on how he can make the lives of his constituent a little easier for them in terms of providing suitable programs that would benefit the less fortunate especially the elders and the farmers.

Camacho said that his office will be open on the first working day of 2013 and will be open for the elders and ready to sit down with them instead of waiting for the actual monthly meeting s which comes every third week of each month.

He added that every elders who belongs to the marginal families will now be given free coffins  during the time when they have to meet their  fate and that the family of the elderly will just bother about the funeral services.

He said that he has already prepared arrangements with local Social Welfare Services about the matter and will also have to arrange a seat down meeting with the group regarding the additional accident death insurance his office would give to the elderly aside from the health and the burial services.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Serrafica  who is now 74 yrs old and the  President of the Senior Citizens of the town told PangasinanToday that more than Ten thousand members of the Senior Citizens will be benefited from the program and could be of a  big assistance for the family as well.

The Mayor who is now a complete orphan after the death of his mother early this year make it a point to tell the elders during the occasion that they have been his inspirations and source of wisdom during crucial times of making decisions for the town.

The elders have also thanked Vice Mayor Mylvin T.Junio  who at that time present in the occasion, Junio who is known to be the partner of the Mayor in the Sanguniang Bayan has been tagged  by the residents as the development tandem of the chief executive.

The traditional gift giving led by the Mayor followed next.


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