Freedom day launches 400th yrs.of town

Bayambang-In a bid to put this town in the Guinness Book of World  Records, the chairman of the 400th year town feast Dr.Henry J. Fernandez M.D. formally announces the goal of this town to break the 6.2 km. record of Turkey in 2011 being the longest barbecue grill in the world.

Speaking before hundreds of crowd during the 115th Independence  Day in this town, Fernandez said that if Turkey was able to record a 6.2 km longest grill breaking the record of The town of  Sto.Tomas a 16.7 kms. municipality from Bayambang which records 3,803.96 meters (12,480 feet two inches) in February 12,2010, and breaking a record for recognition may after all not impossible and simply put that record to a 7.7 kms. He explained that this 7.7 is derived from the idea that this town has 77 villages.

Fernandez said that this is a challenging times to the municipality which calls for a united effort in this goal as he urged all sectors to put their hands on this event especially that not all of them will be that lucky to celebrate 400 years

Fernandez in an interview with Pangasinan Today added that he is hoping that this will be doable as  unity has always been projected by local leaders in this town,“That’s what we are hoping for we have prepared several activities for a ten days celebration highlighting the best Bayambangueno’s contribution to what this town has achieved now”

Mayor Ricardo Camacho thanked the Committee of the  Quadricentennial for choosing The Kalutuan -ed-Dalan and make this event a venue for international recognition and symbol of United Bayambanguenos.

The Mayor who sang a local dialect song expressing his love for his country and countrymen during the event was among the much awaited event as four hundred balloons  were flewd in the air signaling ceremonial launching of the 400th town fiesta to be held next year April 5.


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